Still smokin’…

Hey y’all… Summer’s rolling along; hope you’re staying cool and having fun! We’ve had the pleasure of playing some really great shows (Block Island Music Festival, Summer Pops, Captain Scott’s, OpSail (two shows), and a very hot gig at the N.S. Fair– above, thanks to Vince T. for the photo), we’ve got some more (hopefully!) cool ones lined up for the rest of the season –– AND we’re working on some others, too. Check out the shows page for details. Also, head on over to Facebook if you haven’t, and “like” us… our FB page always has the latest photos, videos, live .mp3s, etc.

In other news, we just wrapped a recording session at PWOP Studios laying down a track for a forthcoming, international tribute to New London’s finest band ever, The Reducers. We recorded the song “My Problem” and we think you’re going to like it… we sure do! Proceeds from the album will benefit the family of Reducers’ bassist Steve Kaika, who died recently after a brave bout with cancer. More details real soon.

Thanks everyone for your continued support of the music… see you soon! And STAY COOL!

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