The Moose and the Whalies

This just in! The Rivergods have been nominated for a 2012 Whalie Award again this year. Last year, we won for ‘Best Americana Band.’ This year, they have divided up that category, and but us under ‘Best Blues/Country Rock’ (!) Also, Rivergods’ singer Nancy Parent has been nominated in the ‘Best Singer/Songwriter’ category, and the Sinners Circle (co-founded by Ben Parent) has been nominated for the third year in a row in the ‘Best Music Series’ category.  So feel free to pop over to and throw us (or whoever) a vote if you’re so inclined… we’ve got some tough (and worthy) competition this year! Thank you!

Oh, and we’ll be back ‘under the moose’ this Friday 4/20 at Sneekers Cafe in Groton, CT:

…and a HUGE thank you to everyone who made it out to The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. 1 CD Release Party… it was quite a party. 2 stages, 11 bands, 2 solo acts… we were able to donate $750 of the proceeds to ailing Reducers‘ bassist Steve Kaika, too. Didn’t hit the party and want to get a copy of the Good Sponge Sampler Vol. 1? Head over here. Here’s a couple of videos of the Rivergods from the party…enjoy:

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