‘State of the Union’ on iTunes!


‘State of the Union’ is out… Get your copy now on iTunes! It’s already starting to garner some great reviews…

The New London Day says: “‘State of the Union’ is a fine, 12-song collection reflecting The Rivergods’ consistent but always evolving brand of roots music: harmony-teased heartland rock, modern country-folk, and bits of bluegrass and gospel. Parent is the main composer, and his work displays maturity and a weary but appreciative worldview. Too, with Nancy Brossard Parent, they exhibit a savvy skill at finding like-minded musicians to nuance his material in textural fashion. A lot of great players have been Rivergods over the years — all of whom are still friends — and the latest lineup, including keyboardist/vocalist Bil Groth, bassist Mark Gehret, violinist Dana Takaki and drummer Chris DiBiasi, is undeniably strong.” Read more

Soundwaves Magazine says “[The Rivergods] keep forging ahead as a band, and they are as relevant and entertaining as ever. ‘State of the Union’ couldn’t be more time-appropriate. It is a 12-song collection of beautifully crafted and thought-provoking pieces with precision, state-of-the-art production. Recorded at PWOP Studios in New London with award-winning producer Carl Franklin … Care is taken with every note, and Ben’s vocals let loose genuine, impassioned grit and growl. … What we’ve come to expect from these seasoned songwriters and talented musicians is prevalent here … [the album is] full of radio-ready hooky licks and memorable melody lines. Nancy takes over lead vocals beautifully on ‘Station Down the Line’ with a gentle, pleading and pleasing melody reminiscent of Neil Young. … ‘Dress Like a Poet‘ is classic Rivergods with a driving rhythm and super-fancy cascading instrumental melody lick that is very unique. [‘State of the Union’] has a BIG ENDING which, of course, leaves the listener WANTING MORE!” Read more

The Hartford Courant says: “[The Rivergods] release a great new album every three years or so. ‘State of the Union,’ this year’s model, is a collection of approachable, Heartland rock songs, with acres of harmonies … and lyrics about marriage, religion and the daily struggle to understand what’s going on in America. Acceptance is tempered with spunk and anger; the waltz-time ‘Churches’ is a song-length, fearless indictment of malicious acts — misogyny, violence, misdirection for political gain — performed in the name of religion. The brooding title track, which closes the album, channels late-’80s Neil Young rage, rolling all of ‘Union’s’ aggression up into one mighty spitball…” (Woah! Another Neil reference…)  Read more

No Depression/Adobe and Teardrops says: “The most fun part of listening to ‘State of the Union’ is the Rivergods’ themselves. … They know what they’re doing and the confidence brims over on each song. But they’re not cocky, nor are they too comfortable … they just know each other’s tricks and are having a grand old time doing a good thing.” Read more

(The New London Day‘s Rick Koster and Peter Huoppi also did a podcast, celebrating ’20 years of the Rivergods’ and analyzing our evolving musical style over the years…  Listen here.)

THANKS TO ALL OUR FANS for your continued support. We hope you enjoy State of the Union!

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