More kudos for ‘Never Grow Old’

And the positive reviews keep rolling in… we might have a sleeper hit here, folks! Check out the links below and get yer copy of Never Grow Old today… $4, y’all!

“I haven’t been to New London… I didn’t think it had much going for it until I encountered The Rivergods. The band, led by husband/wife duo Ben and Nancy Parent, has been around the block a few times… their most recent 4-song EP packs a punch… sun-faded, nostalgic, wistful … My favorite is “Rush Hour,” but don’t take my word for it. Choose for yourself.”

“Connecticut’s own Americana/Roots rockers The Rivergods return with a 4-song EP entitled “Never Grow Old.” The songs show enormous growth in the song-writing and musicianship. The album opens with the uptempo sway of “When Times Were Good” that contains a chorus that gets stuck in your head. The title song is where the heart of the album lies as Ben Parent sounds like a younger Elvis Costello with his band supporting his every move. The Rivergods finish up with the attractive roots rocker “Rush Hour” that brings everyone together in creating a touching piece of music. —

“(Never Grow Old) has continuity, yet, each song has it’s own personality. The common thread is the quality of the writing, instrumentation and arrangements… (“When Times Were Good)” has a hook that goes inside your ears and makes itself at home… I found myself singing it throughout the day. The title track “Never Grow Old” begins on a mellow, Bob Dylan-esque note with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Here again, the chorus is contagious! … It’s obvious that Ben Parent has a poet’s soul, leaving some things to the listener’s imagination. I truly enjoyed this recording… It left me wanting more! —Soundwaves Magazine

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