January Musings

Happy 2013, all…
Hope everyone survived the holidays! Here’s a video from our recent Holiday Acoustic show of the band doing an acoustic version of “My Problem”, the song we covered on last year’s tribute album to fellow New London band The Reducers, Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers Vol. 1. The video accompanied a nice little review from Patch New London.

We wrapped up 2012 by getting back into the recording studio to lay down four tracks which we hope to release in early 2013. One of those tracks (“When Times Were Good”) will see light of day later this month, part of a new Good Sponge Sampler set to debut later this month. Check out photos from the studio on our Facebook page.

Later this month, we’re playing as part of a great bill on Hygienic Night in New London, Saturday, Jan. 26. We’ll be playing with our friends the Sue Menhart Band (with horn section!), Chris MacKay & The Toneshifters, and Carl Franklin. Expect lots of fun and inter-band interplay. More info here. Before that, Rivergods’ singer Nancy Parent has a couple of solo shows (Wednesday,  Jan. 9 and Saturday, Jan. 19, more info at her website) and Ben and Trevor will play a show with their once-in-a-blue-moon surf/punk project Superbald on Saturday, Jan. 19 in New London. More info here.

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